This is where all the other tasks come together. Students will have to design and build a simple contraption.
This will conclude with students videoing and writing a description of their contraption onto this page.

Students will have to go throught the whole design and construction process, so the students will begin with designing their contraption, developing their design, and then constructing a final product.

Signs of Success:
  1. A range of concepts.
  2. A detailed developed concept.
  3. A working contraption.
  4. Video posted to this page of contraption.
  5. A written description also posted with the video.

To help with ideas the Resources page will be useful.

Curriculum Links:

Technological practice
Students will:
Planning for practice
  • Undertake planning to identify the key stages and resources required to develop an outcome. Revisit planning to include reviews of progress and identify implications for subsequent decision making.

Brief development

  • Describe the nature of an intended outcome, explaining how it addresses the need or opportunity. Describe the key attributes that enable development and evaluation of an outcome.

Outcome development and evaluation

  • Investigate a context to develop ideas for potential outcomes. Trial and evaluate these against key attributes to select and develop an outcome to address the need or opportunity. Evaluate this outcome against the key attributes and how it addresses the need or opportunity.
Technological knowledge
Students will:
Technological modelling
  • Understand that different forms of functional modelling are used to inform decision making in the development of technological possibilities and that prototypes can be used to evaluate the fitness of technological outcomes for further development.

Technological products

  • Understand the relationship between the materials used and their performance properties in technological products.
Nature of technology
Students will:
Characteristics of technological outcomes
  • Understand that technological outcomes are recognisable as fit for purpose by the relationship between their physical and functional natures.