Recently there has been a series produced by discovery channel called "Doing Da Vinci". This series is a great lead into what the students are heading towards. Students will be designing and constructing their own contraption, whether it has practical or for purely asetectic reasons. This is where the footage from the "South" series with Marcus Lush produced by TVNZ about "Blair Somerville" is a great muse for students.

In this lesson students will watch clips from "Doing Da Vinci" and the footage of "Blair Somerville". This is to model what the students will be doing for the last stage of this unit.

Doing Da Vinci Videos:


Siege Ladder Part

Self Propelled carts

Armored Tank Part

Blair Somerville Footage from South.

(Awaiting of footage)

Blair Somerville Footage from //Campbell Live//


You will find more links about Blair Somerville and Automoton in the Resources page.

Signs of Success:
  1. An appreciation of the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and Blair Someville.

This leads us to the next lesson, "Apprentice Da Vinci".

Curriculum Links:

Social Studies:

  • Understand how people remember and record the past in different ways.

Science: Nature of science
Students will:
Understanding about science
  • Appreciate that science is a way of explaining the world and that science knowledge changes over time.

Technology: Nature of technology
Students will:
Characteristics of technology
  • Understand how society and environments impact on and are influenced by technology in historical and contemporary contexts and that technological knowledge is validated by successful function.
Characteristics of technological outcomes
  • Understand that technological outcomes are recognisable as fit for purpose by the relationship between their physical and functional natures.