Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of many talents, but his inventions and drawings of different machines are revolutionary. For this task you and a friend must select one of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions and do a short investigation into your chosen invention. Once you have completed your investigation posted your research to this page. For an extra challenge attempt to make a model of your chosen invention, and take pictures and add these to your posting.

Signs of Success:
  1. A good discription of invention.
  2. An explanation of the purpose of the invention.
  3. Was it ever constructed?
  4. A model of the invention.

A great source of inventions and ideas on how to make models of these inventions can be found in the book Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci: Inventions you can build yourself:

There are also a number of other inventions that can be found in a number ot resources on the Resources page.

This leads into the next lesson, "Bridge Building".

Curriculum Links:

Science: Nature of science
Students will:
Understanding about science
  • Appreciate that science is a way of explaining the world and that science knowledge changes over time.
  • Identify ways in which scientists work together and provide evidence to support their ideas.
Investigating in science
  • Build on prior experiences, working together to share and examine their own and others’ knowledge.
  • Ask questions, find evidence, explore simple models, and carry out appropriate investigations to develop simple explanations.
Communicating in science.
  • Begin to use a range of scientific symbols, conventions, and vocabulary.
  • Engage with a range of science texts and begin to question the purposes for which these texts are constructed.

Technology: Nature of technology
Students will:
Characteristics of technological outcomes
  • Understand that technological outcomes are recognisable as fit for purpose by the relationship between their physical and functional natures.