Welcome to Apprentice Da Vinci.

This wiki is part of an assignment for my teaching degree at Massey University New Zealand. For this assignment we have to create a digital resource. For this, I have chosen to make a series of learning experiences that investigate the world of Leonardo Da Vinci.

What is Apprentice Da Vinci?
This is an online learning resource. It will include a sequence of learning experiences to develop and build of the curiosity that was displayed by Leonardo Da Vinici. Here students will explore the life and accomplishments of Leonardo Da Vinci. This will be made easier as this wiki will be the hub where students can use links and embedded data to direct their research. Within the learning experiences, students will undergo a muliple of hands on exploration, where students will contruct and explore different inventions by Leonaro Da Vinci. The finale of the unit will have students develop a simple contraption that will be influenced by the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, and will also seek exploration from (seeking name). The finish product will be filmed and uploaded to a wiki.

Philosophy Behind Apprentice Da Vinci.
  • Learning should be hands on, where students are able to manipulate materials to gain a higher understanding (Berk, 2005).
  • Learning should be done in an authentic context (Hill, 1998), even if the context needs to be created by the teacher.
  • With the New Zealand Curriculum it asks for students to be able to work cooperatively, and there are opportunities for this within Apprentice Da Vinci (Ministry of Education, 2007).
  • Working Cooperatively is also a positive aid for learning, as taught by Vygotsky (Berk, 2005).
  • Problem based learning is a needed attribute in the workplace, so Apprentice Da Vinci gives the opportunity to develop this skill (Hackling, 2005 & Drake & Burns, 2004).

Sequence of Lessons:

  1. Watch documentary "Leonardo Da Vinci".
  2. 10 quick facts.
  3. Mini Research Assignment.
  4. The inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  5. Bridge Building.
  6. Gears and cogs.
  7. Doing Da Vinci and Blair Somerville footage.
  8. Apprentice Da Vinci.

Feel free to use this in any way you choose.

Note: All curriculum links are to the New Zealand Curriculum Level 3

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